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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to my weblog.
I'm a Malaysian. Call me Denaihati. This weblog is special all about Twitter.

Have you tweeted today? Are you familiar with Twitter? If you use this micro-blogging platform, what do you write about? Many people are turning Twitter into an internet cash machine where you can almost hear the silent cha ching playing in the background every time someone tweets. There is a lot of money to be made on Twitter if you know how to use it. Programs are popping up every day on the internet that utilize this social networking platform to enhance one program or another. Social networks like facebook and Sokule are connecting directly to Twitter from their dashboards so that users can post across multiple sites with the click of one button. You don’t even have to log in to the various accounts to use this sort of program. Just type in user name and password and press send. Your message will be carried to multiple sites in seconds, at fractions of the speed, time and effort it would take to use these social networking resources on an individual basis.

Hope you will enjoy and learn something from this simple blog. Please visit my other blog and follow my twitter @Denaihati.

Thank you.

Selamat datang teman-teman,

Aku warganegara Malaysia. Pernah bekerja dengan kerajaan dan swasta. Sekarang buat bisnis sendiri ..yang simple-simple tapi untung lebih. Dulu pernah juga ambil projek besar-besar ingat untung lebih tapi emmmm....banyak yang keluar atas dan bawah

Sekarang lebih fokus nak besarkan anak-anak..bukan mudah...ini pun kira mujahadah..dengan pelbagai teknologi dan media yang boleh mempengaruhi pembesaran anak-anak kita.

Semuga kehadiran aku di dunia blog ni menambah ceria lagi hidup aku....

Selamat melawat blog yang simple ni dan kalau ada masa lawat juga
1. Yang Terbuku Di Hati
2. Al-mukjizat 
3. Segalanya Tentang Twitter  
4. Online Store

Sila tinggalkan komen tanda dah melawat blog ni dan pasti Aku lawat blog teman-teman kembali.

Teman-teman boleh hubungi Aku di denaihati[a]yahoo dot com atau tweet @denaihati

Salam sukses.

Terima kasih.

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