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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Features: Facebook and Twitter Greetings
We are excited to announce two more innovations:

1. We have expanded our reach to Facebook. Advertisers can now reach millions of users on Facebook. You do not need to do anything extra, just create your ads the same way and they will be available for posting on Facebook.

Publishers need to add this Facebook app StatusCash to post ads to their Facebook walls, status updates and news feeds.

2. We are partnering with Twitter Greetings to enable you send greeting cards to your Twitter friends. Ads will be shown below the greeting cards and you can get paid for valid clicks on the ads. Note that if you write something on the card to ask people to click the ads, your account will be banned and your earnings will be forfeited and returned to the advertisers. Click fraud does not pay, so don\'t do it.

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