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Another 10 Twitter Tools make blogging easier

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1. Twist - This web based tool lets you see trend graphs for twitter topics and spot new hot topics. Graphs are available for the last week and the last 30 days.

2. Tweetag - This is a very nice tool that not only checks the popularity of your topic but it also shows relative and complimentary topics around your main one. So if you searched for “video” you would see more related topics like “phone”, “camera”, “flip” and so on…

3. - Another tool that will help you find out what other people are actually interested in. When someone “retweets” your tweet that effectively means that they were interested enough in the topic to let their followers know about it. Which means more people will show an interest in that topic over time.

4. - A to-do list manager for twitter users. The service uses the Twitter API to manage your to-do list on twitter.

5. - Create a simple twitter poll for your readers via this handy tool. Simply enter your questions, your answer choices and provide the link via twitter or embed it into your blog with the JavaScript provided. A great way to engage visitors and friends on your blog and on twitter.

6. - Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, Wish. A lot of emotions that can give you a lot of  food for thought.

7. - is a FREE service that allows you to schedule reminders, memos, or notifications to be sent to your Twitter account and to your email address on the date and time you choose.

8. - Connect with other Twitter users and find some great Twitter tools and resources and, of course, some new followers!

9. - Find like minded twitter users on this user powered twitter directory. Adding yourself is as easy as @wefollow #blogger. You can add up to 3 hash tags for yourself. Plus a great way to connect with others. The more connections you form the easier finding stuff to blog about becomes.

10. Tweetburn - Our very own database of topic experts. With more handpicked experts added on an ongoing basis.

Resource : Tweetburn

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