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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Strictly speaking, Twitter is a social networking application that enables users to post short text messages -- called "tweets" -- of no more than 140 characters on their personal feed. These real-time diary entries can then be read by other users, called "followers," who have subscribed to that page.

1. Just how fast Twitter is growing is a company secret, but its traffic appears to be more than doubling every month.
2. The company is hiring like crazy -- it expects to double its size in the next month or two -- and is also adding a senior management, notably new vice-president of global operations Santosh Jayaram, hired away from Google
3. President Barack Obama twittered the words, "We just made history," on the night of his election.
4. "We've never had a company that grew past 15 to 20 people," says Mr. Stone, "We're kind of excited about that." Even faster than Google, Amazon and eBay in their days, the three-year-old Twitter has become deeply embedded in the culture.
5. Under the guise of a fun communications tool, Twitter is building one of the world's most valuable real-time information caches. And as Twitter's profile continues to explode.

For now, Messrs. Williams and Stone are keeping their plans secret. With patient investors who just put in $35 million in third-round funding, the company is in no hurry. Mr. Stone will only say that "we are enamored with the idea of going all the way." Adds Mr. Williams: "We want to have as large an impact as possible."

Resource : TWSJ

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