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Make Money with Churp Churp

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ChurpChurp is an advertising network for Twitter. Our advertisers will specify the tweet contents to be propagated, also referred to as a Churp, so when you sign up and allow us to post Churps among your tweets, you earn money!

There are only 3 basic steps that you have to follow to start earning with ChurpChurp.

     1. Sign up with us.
     2. Approve access to so that we can post tweets to your account. Note that we do not store your password
     3. Choose your location and settings for the max ad ratio according to your preference.

Churps will be targeted to users with matching Twitter contents so that it remains relevant to your followers as well as minimizing the awkwardness of generated Churps. In other words, we will assign to you advertisements that are suitable with your usual tweets and follower type.

Earnings credited to your ChurpChurp account varies depending on the number of followers you have, how many times you Churp and also the type of ads that you get. Basically there are two main types of Churps available which is

a. Automated Churps
Basically you will get a generated tweet posted on your Twitter according to your Twitter content. These tweets will be listed out for you in advance, so you may choose to approve or reject them. If no decision is made within a certain time frame, however, the tweet will go out automatically.
b. User-generated Churps
You will be notified via e-mail of a new campaign and given a brief to compose your Twitter posts in any way you want. These Churps will earn you more than automated Churps so get creative! Do note that your written churps may be subject to a vetting process, which means your earnings may be delayed. After 5 successful churps, we'll "pre-approve" your account so that your earnings get credited faster (we reserve the right to reinstate the vetting process on your account if the need arises).


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