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Monday, July 6, 2009

From nukeitdotorg : And here’s my stupid autofollow script. My Follower Grabber script generates lists of 1k users which you can plug into this one to follow 1k new people per day. It has a timer so you won’t hit the hourly limits. I use Python Twitter Tools because it has nice features and does a lot of hard work that I could have spent hours writing in bash.

Other tips:

Create multiple directories and copy the script into each one. Add you different account info to each script and start them. I’ve only tested it with two accounts at the same time, but any more and you might get .
Add your 1k per day and wait 48h. Use something like refollow to remove those who don’t follow you back. Repeat as long as you want.
The follow grabber tries to keep track of your followers and uses that list to keep your lists clean. This functionality might break or take forever if you already have a shit ton of followers.
I got block banned a while back, some asshat blocked me and I think I tried to follow him too many times and the bot got me. I had it reversed immediately, but its something you might watch out for.
I don’t know of any way off hand to find out who is blocking you, but if you have a way or a list, you need to make sure your new collections don’t contain those who are blocking you.

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