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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

get paid when you follow other twitter users and when you tweet.... you can't
beat that!

Its a really simple setup!

You sign up using your existing twitter account, and you give us permission to follow other twitter users with your account, and the only requirement is that you make at least 5 tweets per day on your account. nothing could be easier! You are basically getting paid just for using your own twitter account!

Even more exciting! - We understand that many people have and use more than 1 twitter account, and you are allowed to use them all in this service and profit from the combined effect of all of them
together for even faster and larger payouts!

Here are the rules -

1. When you register your twitter account[s] with us, you are agreeing to let us cause your account to follow other people, and you are agreeing to make at least 5 tweets per day on each account you have registered with us, and you are agreeing any tweet you make on your account is 'g' rated, which means it is suitable for all audiences and will never be offensive.

2. You are paid per follower. this means that each time we follow someone with any/all of the accounts you register with us, you get paid for every follow we do on all accounts!

3. You can cash-out once your combined total payout reaches or exceeds $100.00 USD.

4. You are paid $1 per 1000 people that we follow on your accounts! the average twitter account can easily accept 2000 followers, which means you can/could ultimately earn an easy $2 for for each account you have registered with us.

That's all there is to it! Are you ready to get started?

To apply, simply send us an email [HERE] and include your twitter page link. If we select you, we'll contact
you by replying to your email.

It usually takes about two weeks for us to review your account.

We are NOT TweetLarge. We are a 3rd party processor who recruits new people that we then use on TweetLarge's behalf.

Do not contact TweetLarge about work. They only and exclusively use our services.

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