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ViralFollowers System Really Effective

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


... Your viral ViralFollowers system is in motion!

Use the promo links below to get the most out of the system and send your twitter following soaring!

Often sending one tweet won't be enough to make your Twitter, Viral. You see, only your followers see your tweet and often, many of them will miss it. So we have setup some 'steps' that you should follow to ensure your twitter

Step One:

Replace all your current links to twitter with your ViralFollowers Referral Link:

When they join from this link, they auto follow you (the result you wanted) PLUS a tweet goes out to their followers and when they join, they will follow you too. This helps start the snowball as the same thing happens when they join, and their followers etc. down 7 levels!

Step Two:

Blog about ViralFollowers with your link. Why not make a blog post or add a page to your website with your personal link to ViralFollowers. You could also add your affiliate link to your sidebar or in the footer of your posts.

Step Three:

Send the email, or a custom version to your email list. If you have a list of contacts, you could let them know about ViralFollowers by sending them a dedicated email. This will help get your Twitter account Viral...

Your Unique referral Link:

ViralNetworks is a new Social Networking site for Online Business Professionals that provides you with all the keys for success.

Learn From The Experts... Builds Your List... Instantly Creates Profit Streams and allows you to brand yourself as an expert!

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